Standard Double Room 4 Linden

Cozy rooms with a bed box
Huis de 4 Linden is located across the street from Herberg de Gouden Leeuw in Bronkhorst. There are five rooms in the house. You will find four of the rooms on the first floor of Huis de 4 Linden. Here you can spend the night in a box bed of 200x160. Two of the rooms offer a beautiful view of Bronkhorst from your own roof terrace.
Rooms in the house the 4 linden are also accessible with pets. You must request prior written permission from the hotel for this.

(the room on the groundfloor is a comfortroom)

You can choose to book this room with two different conditions:

Standard conditions

For all agreements the Terms & Conditions from the Uniform Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH) are applicable. The UVH are registered with the District Court and Chamber of Commerce in The Hague and are binding for everyone who uses our services. Visit for the exact conditions of UVH.

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Special conditions

Your credit card details are necessary to qualify for this promotion. This booking can not be changed or cancelled. When making the booking you accept that the full price of the stay will be directly debited from your credit card and that restitution is not possible.

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Vier Linden

  • Breakfast
  • Free WiFi
  • TV
  • Safe