Romance in the smallest city of the Netherlands

With lots of character and a lovely atmosphere, Hotel Restaurant Herberg de Gouden Leeuw can be found in the heart of Bronkhorst, the smallest city in the Netherlands, directly in front of the restored Castle Bronkhorst Chapel, which dates back to 1344. Bronkhorst has had city rights since 1482; and, with its 150 inhabitants, it is the smallest city in the Netherlands.

When walking through the Bronkhorst streets, you can see with your own eyes that the beauty of a bygone era has remained. In the 1960s, and under the supervision of the National Monument Authority, the city was completely restored and brought back to its original medieval state. 

Herberg de Gouden Leeuw is open 7 days a week throughout the whole year.
Stepping into the Herberg de Gouden Leeuw takes visitors to one of oldest and most beautiful city farms in the Netherlands. This city farm originates from three separate buildings: the Mayor's Mansion dated 1575, the city farm dated 1650, and the horse-driven mill dated 1750. These three monumental buildings have been completely renovated and modernised, offering warm and modern accommodation to guests, like a true inn!

As a guest of Herberg de Gouden Leeuw, you will find a unique location, rich history, peace, natural beauty, and many possibilities for relaxation, as well as contemporary comfort and catering. Add the "Achterhoekse" hospitality and geniality, and your experience in Herberg de Gouden Leeuw will be "home from home".