Welcome to the restaurant of

Inn The Golden Lion.


Curious at our menu? please take a look here...


Surprise menus

Chef Gerben Ruikes likes to serve

 a wonderful surprise menu for you, with his kitchen brigade.

If you have specific wishes, we will gladly take this into account.

 Our kitchen is characterized by; creativity, seasonal products,

pure taste, and a beautiful finishing.


You can choose between:

3 courses (starter, main course and dessert)                             42

4 courses (starter, soup, main course and dessert)                     46

4 courses (starter, intermediate, main and dessert)                   49

5 courses (starter, soup, intermediate, main and dessert)          55

6 courses (starter, soup, in-between, spoom, main dessert)        59

(The 5 and 6 course surprise menu can be ordered until 8 p.m.)



Wine arrangement

To further spoil you in a grand way, you can have a matching wine arrangement put together by our sommelier, the glasses will be refilled..

 3 matching wines                                                                   22

 4 matching wines                                                                   27



If you have an allergy, please report this to us so that we can help you with your

choice, and we can take your allergy into account.