Romance in the smallest town of The Netherlands

In the heart of Bronkhorst, the smallest city of the Netherlands, you will find the charming Hotel Restaurant HerberG de Gouden Leeuw. It is right across from the restored Chapel that is part of Bronkhorst Castle and dates back to 1344. Bronkhorst received city rights in 1482 and, with its 150 inhabitants, is the smallest city in the Netherlands.

Those who stroll the streets of Bronkhorst will see the that the beauty of yesteryear has been well-preserved. In the 1960 and under the supervision of the Dutch Historical Preservation organization, Bronkhorst was completely restored and returned to its original medieval state. 



Those who visit HerberG de Gouden Leeuw will see one of the finest and oldest city farms in the Netherlands. The farm originally consisted of three separate buildings: the mayor's mansion from 1575, the city farm from 1650, and the horse mill from 1750. Today, these three monumental buildings have been completely renovated and modernized, in order to offer a warm and modern accommodation to its guests!

Besides its unique location, its rich history, its tranquillity, its natural beauty and its many ways to relax, guests of HerberG de Gouden Leeuw will also find contemporary comfort and culinary delights. Together with the hospitality and cosiness from the ‘Achterhoek', HerberG de Gouden Leeuw will feel like home.
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